We are making a gradual move to a new location at 551 Nieuwe Gracht 2624CS Delft.

Until 1 October the Salon at 124 Oostsingel will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

And the new Salon on the Nieuwe Gracht will be open on Thursdays.

From 1 October we will move permanently to the Nieuwe Gracht salon on all 3 days.

For appointments you can book at either salon here.
Oostsingel 124 Salon appointment .

Nieuwe Gracht 551 Salon appointment .

I do not offer tangle removal or dematting, this means that hair will be cut to a length that snips the hair underneath any tangles. Particularly with poodle mix dogs, tangles tend to tighten and move closer to the skin over the time between grooms. This means that the maximum possible hair length will usually depend on the number of weeks since the last groom. Every coat is different, however as a general indication of the coat length you might expect for a poodle mix :

Weeks Since
Last Groom
Maximum Coat Length
After Groom
Less than 4 weeks25mm
Less than 6 weeks19mm
Less than 8 weeks16mm
Less than 12 weeks12mm
Less than 6 months3mm
Less than 1 year1mm